7th Annual B\S Family Fishing Derby!

June 3rd to 5th 2022

All current COVID-19 rules and considerations will be in place and must be abided by at all times during the derby.

Now all that fun stuff is out of the way… We are again hosting our annual freshwater fishing derby at Nanaimo Lakes Old Mill campground. As with past years we are opening 2nd lake to fishing for the derby for those wishing to fish it. We are going to include a “best themed campsite” this years theme is “The 80’s” open to your family friendly interpertation. You will have a 25$ spending limit for what you feel will be the winning campsite, you are however welcome to raid your storage lockers and such to help decorate. This year we are going to have a team derby called the B\S derby, each team must have at least one member under 16 years of age. Rules\ticket prices for the B\S derby will be announced soon. Tickets are 20$ for adults and 10$ for youth (under 16) you are welcome to purchase up to 4 tickets per person. Each ticket is valid for you weigh in one fish example:purchase two tickets, get to weigh in two fish. Camping is available as well, for reservations go to We will be in Old Mill campground, however there is Windy Point, Deadwood available for reservations as well if old mill is booked. We look forward to seeing you all out there this year!! If you are interested in attending fill out the info below, I will send out the registration package to you. Thank you all for your interest. Don’t forget to come check out saturday’s fire roast at the group site we will have hot dogs as well as smores by donation with all proceeds going to the VIU bursary in honor of Braxton.

Event Registration

Events Registration