June 17, 2018  Fathers’ Day/Family Fishing Day Trout Release. Colliery Dam lower lake (6th & wakesiah) starts 10am goes until 2pm. Trout will be released around 12:30pm. Tons of exhibitors/vendors, fishing rods to use for those without, casting/fishing lessons, prizes and all sorts of fun.
June 1st -3rd Annual Fishing for Fun Family Derby. Derby starts at 6am June 2nd; Pre-registration required prior to 6am start. Final weigh in at 3:30pm June 2nd, June 3rd final weigh in at 1pm. Prizes handed out Sunday June 3rd. Major prizes include a 4hr fishing charter, custom built one-of-a-kind fishing rod and many, many other great prizes. To reserve camping space please visit  Thank you to our 2018 Derby Media Sponsors – Island Fisherman Magazine.

Event Registration

Events Registration